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Greg’s Report Cards: Jamal Mayers

By Greg Boysen

GP   G   A   P   +/-   PIM   PPG   SHG   GWG   SOG   S%

81     6    9   15   -4     91          0         0            1         70      8.6      Regular Season

3       0   0    0     -1      0           0         0           0           3        0.0     Playoffs

Contract Status: Unrestricted free agent

Jamal Mayers was the best free agent acquisition made last summer and he needs to be resigned for another tour of duty.  He did everything that was expected of him and more.  He was a great team mate who had everybody’s back.  He was quick to dish out a big hit or drop the gloves in defense of his fellow Hawks.  Dan Carcillo needs to take notes from Mayers on how to play with an edge without being a penis.  Mayers had 102 hits which was 2nd among fowards.  He had one of the best faceoff percentages on the team at 56.1.  He did a solid job on the penalty kill.  He even chipped in more on offense than I thought he would.  His 6 goals was the most he scored since 2008-2009.  But for some odd reason, Coach Q benched Mayers for the the final 3 games of the post season.  This move made very little sense to me.  In a series where Phoenix was getting the best of you, physically, I have no clue why you would bench one of you most physical players.  While most players would be very upset about this, Mayers took his benching like the professional he is.  He said that he wasn’t happy that he “allowed this to happen” to himself.  I really hope we see Jamal wearing the Indian Head again come next fall.

2011-2012 Final Grade: A-