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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

By Keith Schultz

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

First of all, a huge Thanks to all that are now serving, or have served in our Armed Forces.  Heroes in the sports world come and go, but those that have served to protect our great country are the true heroes! Thanks for all the sacrifices you have made to serve our country and to maintain our freedoms.

It is interesting that the Chicago Blackhawks came from a  military background.  The first owner of the Blackhawks, Fredric McLaughlin, was a commander in World War I.  McLaughlin was a commander of the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry division.  The division name was nicknamed the “Blackhawk Division” after the Indian Chief Black Hawk.  McLaughlin, after becoming  rich through the coffee industry, won the rights to the original Chicago franchise and named it after his military background. The Chicago Blackhawks were born and the rest is history.

While enjoying this holiday weekend, don’t forget the hundreds of thousands that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom to make our Memorial Day weekend possible.  Enjoy the day, be safe, and as always thanks for reading Blackhawk Up!