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Quick Has Kings One Win Away From Ultimate Crown Jewel

By Greg Boysen

The Los Angeles Kings are on a one heck of a historic playoff run! They are 15-2, 10-0 on the road, and one more win from the Stanley Cup. All of this from an eight seed is not something that happens, well, ever. They now hold a 3-0 lead over the New Jersey Devils, after a dominating 4-0 win in Game 3.  The Kings are the first team to ever go up 3-0 in all four rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Devils have lost the ability to score and that has a lot to do with Jonathan Quick.  The turning point in Game 3 was when the Devils could not convert on a 5-0n-3.  Quick stood tall and picked up his 3rd shutout of the post season.  He has given up just two goals to the Devils in this series.  Even more impressive than that is Quick has only allowed 24 goals in 17 games.    That is good for a 1.36 goals against average and a .950 save percentage.  Quick has been bringing it when it matters most.  He is the reason the Kings are on the verge of their first Stanley Cup in team history and the reason they even made it to playoffs at all.  The Kings struggled to score goals all season long and Quick stole quite a few games for his team.  I am still waiting for a Blackhawks goalie to steal a win this year.

In the post game, one of my all time favorite Blackhawks, Jeremy Roenick said Kings forward Anze Kopitar should get consideration for the Conn Symthe Trophy.  Sure Kopitar has had a nice playoff run after a disappointing regular season, but there is no doubt who the playoff MVP.  If any member of the Hockey Writers Association votes for any player besides Jonathan Quick they should have their head examined and their credentials revoked! In fact, the NHL should make a late revision and add Quick to Hart Trophy candidates too!  If you remove Quick off the Kings roster they are a completely different team, and there is no way in the world they are one win away from the Stanley Cup.