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Greg’s Report Cards: Corey Crawford

By Greg Boysen

GPI  GS   MIN  GAA   W   L  OT   SO    SA     GA   SV%   G   A   PIM

57      55   3218   2.72    30  17  7       0   1507  145   .903     0    0      0         Regular Season

6          6     396     2.58     2     4    3        0     159     17    .893     0    0     0          Playoffs

Contract Status: signed through 2013-2014 ($2.67 million cap hit per year)

“Consistently inconsistent” is the best phrase to describe Corey Crawford’s season.  He had moments when he looked like an upper echelon goalie and then he would let in a goal from center ice.  Crawford was very frustrating to watch at times and was one of the biggest disappointments of the 2011-2012 season.  I had high hopes for Crow coming into the year, especially after the way he performed in the playoffs last year versus Vancouver.  Even though the Blackhawks finished with 101 points his numbers were not very good.  His 30 wins was 16th in the league.    His goals against average and save percentage were in the bottom half of starting goalies.  Crawford got pulled from 7 games this year in which he started.  That can not happen.  His numbers got better as the defense in front of him played better, but he struggled big time in the playoffs.  His .893 save percentage in the post season was one of the worst posted.  It will take a long time to erase the memory of the two extremely weak overtime goals he let past him in Games 3 and 4.  I am hoping this past season was just a “sophomore slump” and not a look into the future.  If the Hawks can get better play from its defenders next year that will go along way in improving Crow’s numbers.  I like Crawford, but I am not sure he is a legit #1 goaltender right now.  He will be the Blackhawk with the most to prove in 2012-2013.

Final 2012-2013 grade: D