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Greg’s Report Cards: Brandon Bollig

By Greg Boysen

GP   G   A   P   +/-   PIM   PPG   SHG   GWG   SOG   S%

18      0   0    0    -2      58        0          0           0           16     0.0       Regular Season

4         1    0    1    0       19        19         0           0           4       25.0     Playoffs

Contract Status: Restricted free agent

Brandon Bollig  pretty much did what he was asked to do, skate for 5 minutes and get into a meaningless fight.  He pretty much filled the role of John Scott after he was shipped to New York.  He offered nothing offensively to this team, but that is not what he was called up for, so I guess he did a good job.  His 58 penalty minutes was 3rd on the team, which is pretty impressive considering he only played in 18 games.  Bollig is all about being physical which is what the Hawks need.  Bollig earned my repsect in the post season.  He scored the only goal of his career in a Game 2 victory.  Bolling had one more goal than Patrick Kane and that is a major reason why the Hawks bowed out way too early.  In Game 3, Bollig was the first player to go after the skidmark on the underwear of life, Raffi Torres, after his criminal assault on Marian Hossa.  Of course the sackless wonder turtled like a child because why would he want to hit someone who is actually looking at him?  Bollig got a game misconduct and Torres finished the game, makes sense right?  That one reaction earned my respect and I’m sure it earned the respect from every guy in the Hawks locker room.  I fully expect the Blackhawks to resign Bollig and he will most likely start the season in Rockford.  With the multiple suspensions Daniel Carcillo will get during the season, it will only be a matter of time before Bollig is back in Chicago.

2011-2012 Final Grade: B-