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Big Hurray For The USA in LA

By Keith Schultz

USA USA USA!!! No, I’m not getting ready for the upcoming London Olympics although NBC did make enough references to it during the telecast, I’m just excited about the finale of the Stanley Cup in LA.  First off congrats to the LA Kings organization on winning their first Stanley Cup in team history with a convincing 6-1 victory in Game 6.

The United States should be proud of this championship!  It was won by an American team in a city whose only claim to fame in hockey before this, besides Barry Melrose’s hair,  was that they were the team that traded for Wayne Gretzky.

The true American pride should first come that the Kings captain Dustin Brown became only the 2nd American Captain (joining Derian Hatcher) to hoist the Stanley Cup, and begin the Cup parade on the ice at Staples Center.  Hockey has always been Canada’s game, but to only be the second  ever American Captain to win the Cup in NHL history  is something special. Brown scored the opening goal of Game 6 on the power play, and the Kings never looked back until the final horn sounded.

The second source of pride for the USA is that  Jonathan Quick won the Conn Smyth trophy for MVP of the playoffs.   This is only the third time an American has won the Conn Smyth trophy following Brian Leetch, and last years winner Tim Thomas.  Quick was sensational for most of the season, and was even more incredible during the post season.  He beat a future Hall of Famer in the Stanley Cup finals and could very  well be on his way to following Martin Brodeur to the Hall of Fame someday.  This championship and postseason was certainly the foundation for a great career.

A great triple crown for United States hockey last night!  The Stanley Cup, American born Captain, and an American born Conn Smyth winner, it doesn’t get any better than this (except if the Chicago Blackhawks were the ones hoisting the Cup!) A great night for the United States, but hopefully next season’s captain holding the cup over his head will be a Canadian again and wearing an Indian sweater!