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Greg’s Report Cards: Patrick Kane

By Greg Boysen

GP   G   A   P   +/-   PIM  PPG  SHG  GWG  SOG   S%

82  23  43 66    7       40       4         0           5        253     9.1        Regular Season

6      0     4   4     1         10      0         0           0         19      0.0        Playoffs

Contract Status:  Signed through 2014-2015 ($6.3 million cap hit per year)

Patrick Kane had his worst year as a pro in 2011-2012 but he wasn’t horrible.  Was he disappointing and frustrating to watch at time? Yes.  Was he a bad hockey player?  Not in the least.  His 43 assists were second only behind Marian Hossa’s 48, but was his lowest output of his career.  His 66 points were still good for third on the team but again were his lowest of his career.  Yes, they were good numbers, but they were not the numbers that were expected from him by the Blackhawks and its fans.  Kane bounced around from wing to center, back to wing and back to center.  I can’t help but think that could have been a factor for the low point totals.  Kane had stretches were he looked really good at the center position.  There were games where playing center seemed to make him care more and be more focused while playing defense.  Then he would have the games where he looked like he just didn’t care about his defensive responsibilities at all.  This has been a problem of Kane’s since day one and has gotten better over the years, but it still rears its ugly head from time to time.  Kane’s disappointing season continued into the post season.  His 4 points did tie him for the team lead in the six game series but he seemed invisible for most of it.  Not scoring a goal in six games is inexcusable.  The playoffs is the time of year where the superstars earn their money and Kane did not.  Kane is the type of player who loves the spotlight and loves to play in the big games.  Not seeing that in the playoffs was a major let down.  Despite what a lot of people think, Kane does work hard at his game and has the drive to bounce back big time next year.  Most of his problems come from immaturity and at some point he will have to be forced to grow up.  When Patrick Kane wants to be the best hockey player on the ice, he is.  The problem is he doesn’t want it all the time.  I am hoping the  Blackhawks powers that be laid into him good after his exploits in Madison back in May.  The only thing holding Patrick Kane back from being one of the NHL’s elite is Patrick Kane and that is what is truly disappointing and discouraging.

Final 2011-2012 grade: C-