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Toews Has A Doaner For Shane

By Keith Schultz

There must have been assigned seating at the recently concluded NHL Players Union meeting in Chicago.  Jonathan Toews, after attending the meetings, spoke of his new bff at these meetings Shane Doan, and how he started to try to persuade the Phoenix Coyotes veteran to join him in Chicago. Doan is going to be a free agent come July 1.

This had to be music to the ears of Doan’s agent!  Another team and a young superstar trying to get Doan’s services.  Doan played his rookie season in Winnipeg before relocating with the team to the desert to become a Coyote.  I’m sure the organization will be hoping for the hometown discount, but when another team that loves having its “veteran presence” guys could be  showing interest, it can only drive up his final contract dollars.

Doan has been extremely consistent in his NHL career.  Since 1999-2000 he has scored at least 18 goals in each season and he has tallied between 49 and 70 points in those season.  Unfortunately for him, until this past off season, he was also consistent in never reaching the second round of the playoffs.  Mike Smith finally led the way out of the desert playoff wilderness for Doan and right into the conference finals, before getting defeated by the soon to be crowned Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings. Doan is a guy you hate to play against, but a guy you would like to have on your roster because he’s an agitator with offensive ability to put pucks into the net.

The negatives in Doan coming to Chicago is that he will turn 36 when the season begins in October.  The veteran presence approach of GM Stan Bowman and Coach Quenneville seem to be in love with also seems to fail each season.  It’s as if the Indian sweater is kryptonite for anyone over the age of 35 to wear.  Instead of a veteran leader its as if the jersey turns them into a WWII veteran and they become old and slow on a team that thrives on its speed and puck possession. Toews may like to have Doan on his team because the team lacks his kind of turd mind set with offensive skills, but if the Hawks were serious they would be trying to make room for other free agents (Zach Parise, Ryan Suter) that are younger and fit into the game that the Hawks thrive in.

Shane Doan would probably work out in a Hawks jersey, but in the end he probably will just finish his career in the Phoenix. It’s hard for old guys to change habits after 17 years. This is a perfect guy for Bowman, but it feels more like after days of listening to CBA talks that turned into fantasy hockey roster building for the Captain.  So don’t expect Doan to come out with I’m taking my talents to the Windy City anytime soon, or maybe Toews knows more than we think?  July 1 is just around the corner though!