Blackhawks News

What Have We Learned This Week?

By Keith Schultz

Week #1 of free agency has come and gone, and what have we learned?

– The Chicago Blackhawks only signing so far has been journeyman defense man Sheldan Brookbank.  He will be used as #6 or #7 defense man and his specialty is the penalty kill and this is most definitely not a splash!

– GM Stan Bowman put a fair and generous offer to Zach Parise, but according to Parise the offer was never considered that heavily and decided to “nobly” return home to play for the Minnesota Wild.  While everyone oohs and aaahs about how great and family orientated that is…. Don’t let me hear the complaining and backlash if Jonathan Toews decides the same thing in a few years and takes his talents to Winnapeg or Patrick Kane becomes a hometown Sabre! There will be a huge Windy City out cry if this were to happen in the near future.

Nicklas Hjalmarsson is either being dangled for a King’s ransom that nobody wishes to pay, or not that many teams are interested in his shot blocking services or he’s not really trade bait after all.

Roberto Luango rumors rose up, and then they were squashed by Luongo saying he would use his no trade clause to stop a move to Chicago.  But wait the rumors re-surface after an interview saying he has always liked playing in Chicago.  As stated by many, I don’t see Bowman pulling the trigger on this deal!  So what does Luongo do while putting Chicago Blackhawks fans in a Twitter frenzy?  He’s playing Day 1 of the World Series of Poker Main Event.  He’s up to 70,000 chips heading into the last level of day one.

– Youth may be served.  Maybe after the success of Andrew Shaw and some success of Jimmy Hayes (but not the lame jokes), Bowman has set the team on a course for youth while not making moves.  I’m perfectly fine with this action! There’s only one way to get to be a veteran and that’s to get your chance on the big stage as a youngster.  Brandon Saad most undoubtly will have the opportunity to be there opening night, while prospect camp opens this week who knows what other youngsters will prove they have stepped up and are ready for the next challenge in their careers on the NHL stage.  I would much rather see youth be served than bring in old farts for the veteran leadership!

– In the end what did we learn in week one of free agency? That week two should bring us more answers than the first!!!

Let’s Go Hawks!!!