Blackhawks News

To Doan Or Not To Doan?

By Greg Boysen

Now that Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are sleeping on their piles of money in the Twin Cities, the next best free agent still available is Shane Doan.  It is reported that the Blackhawks and Doan have a mutual interest in each other.  The problem is Doan’s agent Terry Bross has pretty much named every team in the NHL as teams that are interested in his client.  Everyone from the Kings, Canucks, Red Wings and Penguins are all in on Doan.  It was so ridiculous I was waiting for Bross to say Doan was interested in signing with the Mighty Ducks because he loved Emilio Estevez’s coaching style.  I feel Doan is just pulling a “Brodeur”  and using these teams as leverage to get more money to stay in Phoenix.

I would have no problem with signing Shane Doan if it was a one year deal for under $4 million.  That is not going to happen with all these teams in play.  It will most likely take 3 years at over $4 million per season to sign Doan.  Doan is a big physical forward that you can pencil in for 20 goals but he will turn 36 on October 10th.  I am not a fan of giving out 3 year contracts to players on the wrong side of 35.  He could be a nice fit with the Hawks but I don’t want a 39 year old Shane Doan taking up a roster spot after 2 seasons.  If signing Doan means that Detroit or Vancouver doesn’t get him than so be it.  In the end I feel Doan will stay loyal to the Coyotes and resign with the only franchise he has ever played for.