Blackhawks News

The “Friends Of Q” Coaching System In Full Effect

By Greg Boysen

The Blackhawks, or should I say Joel Quenneville, has hired Jamie Kompon as their new assistant coach.  Kompon comes from the reigning Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.  He also spent 9 years in St Louis where he served as an assistant, along side Mike Kitchen, under Q.  Kompon was in charge of the Kings power play for much of last season.  The Kings were middle of the pack in PP% last season finishing at 17%, nearly 2% higher than the Blackhawks.  They scored 49 power play goals for the season, just seven more than Chicago’s 42.  I knew that this was going to be a Q hire back when the Hawks let go of Mike Haviland at season’s end. Haviland was in place when Quenneville took over the team and wasn’t on of his “guys.”  I wrote that Stan Bowman was going let Q bring in another buddy so he can give Joel even more rope to hang himself with.  There is no way that Bowman didn’t have thoughts of firing Quenneville last season.  Maybe it was during the 9 game losing streak.  Maybe it was during stretches of the season where the Hawks power play unit couldn’t find the back of the net with a GPS.  Maybe it was after another disappointing 1st round exit, but he had to have thought of making a change.  Now he has an out if things don’t improve.  He can say that the team is under the direction of Quenneville and the guys he brought in so it’s time for a change.  Hopefully things do not get to that point.  In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think assistant coaches are the difference between winning Stanley Cups and making the first overall pick in the draft.  The bottom line with this team is the players need to perform up to their full ability.

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