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Kaner In The Spotlight As Blackhawks Convention Begins

By Greg Boysen

Star winger Patrick Kane was a hot topic this afternoon as the 2012 Blackhawks Convention kicked off at the Chicago Hilton and Towers hotel.  The trending topic among reporters was Kane’s drunken exploits in Madison, WI last May.  This is a topic that the media has blown way out of proportion.  One reporter went as far to ask Kane if he had a drinking problem.  Patrick Kane does not have a drinking problem, he has a problem with being wasted in public.  If Bobby Hull, Keith Magnuson or Chris Chelios had played the era of camera phones and Twitter their images would have taken a huge beating.  Tales of their drinking and crazy nights are legendary in the bars of Chicago and across every NHL city they played in.  Kane didn’t go out at do this the night before a playoff game like a couple of guys we know from Nashville.  If he wants to enjoy being a 23 year old sports star than be all means live the life most men dream about.  My only problem is Kane needs to be more responsible about it.  Stop acting like a sixteen year old who just had his first beer in public.  If you want to get wasted with your buddies, rent out a floor or two at a downtown hotel and go crazy.  Stop doing it in plain view of every puck bunny or douchebag with a camera phone and a Facebook account!

Patrick Kane did say a lot of the right things when being asked about his now infamous Cinco de Mayo weekend with the Cheeseheads.  He stated that “It’s something I put behind me and something I don’t want to put myself in that position again.” Kane later added “I know the person I am and I know the person I can be. I have to make those things stop happening.”  I really hope you mean that Patrick and you are finally ready to take being a Chicago Blackhawk serious.  Kane can be a scary hockey player if he wants to be.  He has the talent to be an elite player in the league if he desires to be.  I am hoping he finally has learned his lesson like he is saying he has.  There is nothing I want more than for Kane to have the breakout year where he is put on the same level as a Crosby, or a Malkin or a Toews.  If this happens good things will happen for the Hawks starting this fall.

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