Blackhawks News

Convention Wrap Up

By Greg Boysen

Another Blackhawks Convention has come and gone.  Another weekend for the players to show their appreciation to the fans and the fans to line the pockets of ownership.  Fans packed the Chicago Hilton and Towers hotel to get a chance to meet their favorite players up close and personal.  The weekend is full of Q&A’s with the fans, seminars, meet and greets and tons of Blackhawks memorabilia.  I have never been to a Convention because the Hawks get enough of my money during the season, but everyone seems to have a good time.

Marian Hossa seemed to be in good spirits when talking about the dirty hit from Raffi Torres that ended his season, in Game 3 versus the Coyotes last April.  Hossa said he was pretty confident he would be ready for the start of training camp in September, even though he has not skated since the hit.  Hossa added “It could be different on the ice when I get my first hit but so far, without contact, I’m doing everything at a high level.”  “I didn’t have to rush anything, that was the most important thing,” Hossa said. “I took my time. I took a long time to just calm down and relax… Things are right now are on the level where I want it to be and I’m happy where I am so far.”

Corey Crawford took some time to address his struggles and the Blackhawks pursuit of Martin Brodeur.  “Having a chance at a guy like that, he’s a great goaltender. At the same time, I can’t focus on that stuff. I have to worry about what I’m doing, how I’m preparing myself this season. You start listening to that stuff, it’ll be a distraction.” “I’m definitely motivated,” he said. “I want to do well, I want to be the No. 1. guy here. No matter what happens outside of my situation, it doesn’t change what I’m doing.”  Crawford will need to have a huge bounce back this season if he wants to erase the memories of a bad playoff series to end the year.

Daniel Carcillo used his time in front of the microphone to remind us all that he is a giant meathead.   “Thinking… is not that good in hockey, or thinking in general for me.”  Yep, that about sums it up Dan! He also took the time to throw former teammate Michael Leighton under the bus, by saying the Flyers could have had a chance against the Hawks, in the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, if they would have had better goaltending.  Good thing they didn’t ask him on his thoughts of Corey Crawford! Carcillo also mentioned that he has “zero” respect for Flyers’ coach Peter Laviolette. That’s ok Dan, there many people who don’t have much respect for you, me being one of them!

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