Blackhawks News

Standing Still-Moving Forward

By Keith Schultz

Today’s hockey headline states that the Columbus Blue Jackets have traded Rick Nash to the New York Rangers!  Another win for the Hawks in this off season of doing nothing but lounging by the pool and watching their division rivals lose ground.  It’s not the fact the Columbus lost its Captain and only star, but the fact the Detroit(or any other Central Division team) wasn’t able to weasel in and somehow manage to make a deal for Nash.

The other big news of the week will be whether the Nashville Predators match Shea Weber’s restricted free agent contract that he signed with the Philadelphia Flyers.  Weber was only the 7th restricted free agent to sign an offer sheet since the new collective bargaining agreement was signed in 2005.  If the Predators lose Weber they could be in line to get 4 first round draft picks back in return for compensation.  Losing Weber though, would mean losing both of their superstar defenseman this off season, and back to being boring and now starless without a great defense.  This would be a another huge win for the Chicago BlackHawks.

It’s like the golfer that’s way behind but doesn’t do much but just shoot pars and still wins the tournament because everyone else is blowing up around him.  Stan Bowman is pure genius by doing absolutely nothing!!  He has to have a lot of faith in the system he is building!

Minus a strike/lockout we are only 63 days away from the first pre-season game!! Let’s get this summer over with!!

What do you think of Stan’s lack of moves?