Blackhawks News

Lessons From The Eye of A Hurricane

By Keith Schultz

It’s been a quiet summer so far in the tropics when speaking of Hurricanes, but a storm was spotted in the Carolina’s today when the Hurricanes franchise signed Alexander Semin to a 1 year $7 million contract.  Semin is a talented offensive player collecting 197 goals 211 assists in 469 games, but for the Hurricanes to give him 7 million for one season teaches us a couple of things about the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks in 2012

1. The season will not start on time.  There is a reason that almost (75%)  all major league franchises have gone on or threatened a strike in the past 365 days.  Everyone is greedy and nobody can help themselves.  I understand the players point of view, they have a limited playing window and should try to secure every possible dollar out there for their livelihood for the rest of their lives.  It’s the owners that really can’t help themselves, and all it takes is one or two maverick owners that ruins it for the bunch.  Someone will continue to overspend when everyone else can’t, and if forces the owners hand to stop writing ridiculous checks that nobody can cash.  Once that happens, hello strike/lockout.  The Semin signing could be the straw that broke the camels back ,and there again will be work stoppage in the NHL.

2. Stan Bowman’s hands are really tied.  The money that is being spent continues to astound, and even though Bowman put together a nice package for Zach Parise it doesn’t mean that above average players should get the same “nice offers”.  Bowman went after the beauty queen and lost, but at least he’s not going after everyone that seriously.   I’ve been critical of Bowman’s lack of movement, but the more you see the less likely  that he could have actually got anything done that would benefit the organization.

Only 79 days until the regular season is suppose to start! What do you think? Will the season start on time?