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The Dirty Dozen: #12

By Greg Boysen

As we cross off another long, boring, hockeyless summer day its time to start a new series here on Blackhawk Up.  Today will be the first installment of my “Dirty Dozen”, the twelve Chicago Blackhawks I have liked the least since I became a fan in the early 1980s.  There are lot of reasons why some of these players made this list and not all of them have to do with their production on the ice.  There are a few players that will appear that I am sure will cause a ruckus, especially with the meatball faction of Blackhawks fans.

Today we start off with #12 on my list of least favorite Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Poulin.  Poulin was involved in one of the most heartbreaking trades made in my lifetime.  The Blackhawks sent my all time favorite player Steve Larmer, along with Bryan Marchment,  to the Hartford Whalers for Poulin and defenseman Eric Weinrich.  Poulin played in 141 regular season over parts of three seasons in Chicago.  He finished his Blackhawks career with 34 goals, 37 assists and was a plus 28.  Hardly the numbers the we were used to seeing from Larmer.  Weinrich was a serviceable defenseman and was an upgrade from Marchment who went on to be a career long turd!  The Hawks later traded Poulin to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1996 for the waste of a uniform, but meatball favorite, Erico Ciccone.  For those who don’t remember Ciccone just picture John Scott without the personality and grasp of the English language.  Poulin was just a victim of being traded for my favorite player, he never stood a chance with me.  It’s not fair but those are the brakes in the mind of a 14 year old Hawks fan.

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