Blackhawks News

Date Set- Rough Waters Ahead

By Keith Schultz

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has stated that September 15th is the date a new CBA has to be signed or there will be a lockout.  The last time there was an NHL work stoppage it lasted an entire season.  Now that there is a drop dead date the negotiations need to go into over drive without the reports that came out yesterday that there is a huge gulf between the two sides.

Bettman’s adversary is Donald Fehr.  Fehr does not blink! I’m pretty sure Fehr’s personal vendetta is to shut down every major sport in his lifetime. This may end up being a tougher deal to get done then when the 2004-2005 season was cancelled.  Both sides need to understand the ramifications if there is a stoppage…. They may only have die-hards watching the game again..  Hello the Chicago Blackhawks first day of training camp sold out and there was huge crowds at the Hawks convention, and reportedly very good crowds at prospect camp.  The game is growing and a work stoppage would stunt this growth very rapidly!!

Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate some more Mr. Fehr and Bettman but in the end get the deal done by September 15th so that the game continues to grow instead of permanently damaging the game so many enjoy and so many new fans are finding!!  Close the gulf, you have a month gentleman!!