Blackhawks News

Goodbye Forever Huet

By Keith Schultz

Cristobal Huet finally came off the books for the Chicago Blackhawks on July 1.  Now he will forever be off the NHL books after he signed this weekend with the Swiss Hockey Club Laussane for the next four years.

I personally thought it was humorous that there were reports that Huet, after his two year hiatus, was hoping for a return trip to the NHL in a backup capacity.  The last time we saw Huet he was being treated for a sore neck from watching pucks continually hitting the back of the net during the Blackhawks Stanley Cup season.

Huet’s NHL record will officially end at 129-90-32 with .913 save% in 272 career games, but I will always remember him as the guy who was replaced as the #1 goalie, so that the Blackhawks could finally win a Stanley Cup in my lifetime!  So long Huet and Good Luck!