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The Dirty Dozen: #9

By Greg Boysen

As we keep making our way down my list of Blackhawks players who make me swear in front of children, we come to a player who didn’t take very long to make this list.  In fact, Dan Carcillo made my most hated list before the ink on his contract was even dry! There are players that I can’t stand throughout the NHL that I would love on the Blackhawks, like Ryan Kesler, Scott Hartnell and even Steve Ott.  Dan Carcillo is not one of these guys.  I hated him when he was an idiot on the Phoenix Coyotes.  I hated him when he was an idiot on the Philadelphia Flyers.  I can’t stand the fact that he is idiot for my beloved Blackhawks.

The signing of Carcillo pissed me off from day one, and the fact he got a two year extension really boils my blood.  I know the Hawks needed more “toughness” when they signed Carcillo, but he isn’t a tough guy he is a meat head.  Jamal Mayers is a tough guy, someone who can play within himself and be physical when the time calls for it.  Carcillo plays a reckless style of hockey, with no regard to himself or his fellow players.  All you have to do it watch the play from January 2, 2012 to see what Carcillo is all about.

Not only did the Blackhawks lose that game because of two goals scored against them on Carcillo’s five minute major, but it ended Carcillo’s season as well.  During the first few weeks of the season, when Carcillo was contributed to the team I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, and boy did it ever! “CarBomb” is a selfish player and a distraction on a team that can be a Stanley Cup contender.  He will never get the benefit of the doubt on a call from an on ice official or on one from the league office either.  He is a liability that will spend more time in the press box than on the ice over the next two seasons.  If I revisit this list in a couple of years, I am willing to bet the Carcillo moves up the list to a spot much higher than #9.

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