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The Dirty Dozen: #8

By Greg Boysen

I was going to do a write up on the CBA negotiations today but decided against it. It all reads like Greek to me so I will leave the CBA coverage to those much smarter than me.  It does look like the players have a very smart and savvy proposal on the table which will hopefully lead to the 2012-13 season starting on time.

With that being said it is time to reveal my eighth most hated Blackhawk player of all time, average defenseman Anders Eriksson.  It wasn’t anything that Eriksson did on the ice that caused my massive dislike for him, in fact I don’t remember anything he did do on the ice.  I hated Eriksson because he was involved in the worst trade of my life time, the deal that sent Chicago Blackhawks icon Chris Chelios to the hated Detroit Red Wings.  Good old Bob Pulford thought it would be a great idea to send the greatest American born defenseman to ever play the game to his team’s biggest rival, where he went on to raise the Stanley Cup twice.  In return the Hawks received Eriksson and Detroit’s 1st round draft picks in 1999 and 2001.  Those picks turned into Steve McCarthy (99) and Adam Munro (01), blah and double blah!  Eriksson played 97 games, where he scored 5 goals, had 36 assists and was a plus 6 before getting traded to the Florida Panthers for Jaroslav Spacek  in 2001.

It didn’t matter what Eriksson could do, his time was doomed in Chicago from the start.  He was traded for one of the Hawks’ most popular players. The was a major factor in the demise of a once proud and legendary franchise.  If you look back at the trade the Hawks got a two average at best defenseman who had a combined 8 goals, 49 assists and was a -12 in 231 games.  Throw in Munro, a goalie who made 17 career starts where he went 4-10-3 with a 3.30 goals against average and a .887 save %.  That my friends is a complete crap trade, a typical Bob Pulford/”Dollar” Bill Wirtz move.  I know my hatred for Eriksson is not justified but that is what happens when you trade away a player that was so easy to cheer for and gave his all in Chicago for nine years.

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