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The Dirty Dozen: #7

By Greg Boysen

Today’s trip down bad memory lane takes a look at my #7 least liked Blackhawk of all time, defenseman Boris Mironov.  In March of 1999, the Hawks sent  Chad Kilger, Daniel Cleary, Ethan Moreau and Christian Laflamme to the Edmonton Oilers for Mirnov, Dean McAmmond and Jonas Elofsson.  That seems like an awful lot of talent going to Edmonton but at the time of this trade Mironov was one of the top offensive defensemen in the game.  He had scored 16 goals in 1997-98 and had 11 goals for the Oilers in 98-99 when he was traded to Chicago.  He would go on to score only 18 goals while spending parts of 4 seasons with the Blackhawks.

Mironov’s game went on a steady decline from the second he arrived here.  When Boris was on the ice he was lazy and looked out of shape.  Or maybe he was drunk.  After all, he didn’t earn the nickname Boris Smirnov for nothing.  It was no secret that the Chicago night life was a major reason for Mironov’s drop in production.  He cared more about the post game cocktails than talking to the media about his poor play on the ice.  He was one of many reasons the Blackhawks were spiraling right down the toilet in the late 90’s and for much of the 2000’s.

Mironov always seemed to have small nagging injuries that would keep him out of the lineup.  A nagging knee here or a bum shoulder there.  It was more like and major hangover here and no heart there.  Mironov missed 66 games between 1999 and 2002 due to these “injuries.”  Thankfully, the Blackhawks shipped Mironov to the New York Rangers in January of 2003 for a 4th round draft pick, much to the displeasure of Chicago night club owners .

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