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Countdown from 28…

By Keith Schultz

Only 28 days until the Drop Dead date of September 15th and nothing really has had happened except both sides have offered each other the best possible offer that they would accept themselves .  I understand negotiations start where no one expects the other side to accept so that they will end up negotiating to the point that they are comfortable signing the deal, so I’m not discouraged by the first rounds fired.  The thing that is always discouraging is that both sides are not meeting again until next week.

As a fan it’s annoying that both sides are aware of the deadline date yet neither side will probably show any signs of urgency until the countdown is under 24 hours.  Lock both sides in a room and get the deal done now.  This is Goliath of negotiations versus Goliath of shutting down his own league but they need to find a sling shot of a compromise and not lose another season over 57/43, 54/46 or 50/50 revenue splits.  50 percent of nothing is still nothing!!!!! Stop the madness and don’t let Donald Fehr ruin another sport!!

Part of me believes we are 100% certain of a lockout/strike, but I also felt the same way about the NFL and in the end money won out! Let’s hope both sides end up wanting to make money instead of shutting everything down over pie slices before its too late.

Tick Tick Tick Tick