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The Dirty Dozen: #6

By Greg Boysen

We move into the top half, or bottom half  depending how you look at it, of my list of least liked Chicago Blackhawks of all time.  Number six is defenseman Matt Walker who played one year in Chicago, back in the 2008-09 season.  You might be starting to see a theme; I am not a fan of bad blue liners!  Walker was big and slow and looked to be standing still as opposing players would fly by him with the greatest of ease.  Sure, he delivered a big hit here and there but he always seemed to be on the ice when a big goal was scored against the Blackhawks.  During the 2008-09 season Walker was on the ice for 54 goals against the Blackhawks and 18 of those were while he was on the penalty kill unit.  Any time there was an important goal scored against the Hawks you could look up and see big ole #8 standing in front of his net looking dumbfounded, or skating ten feet behind the play.  There were a lot of four letter words shouted towards Walker’s  direction that season.  I had to issue quite a few apologies for swearing in front of children that season.  Thanks Matt Walker for making look like a loud mouth jerk in front of impressionable young children!

Recap of the Dirty Dozen so far:

#12 Patrick Poulin

#11 Tyler Arnason

#10 Jack Skille

#9 Dan Carcillo

#8 Anders Eriksson

#7 Boris Mironov

#6 Matt Walker

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