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The Dirty Dozen: #4

By Greg Boysen

We are starting to near the end of my countdown of my least liked Chicago Blackhawks and today we talk about #4, Tomas Kopecky.  Kopecky is one of three players from the Stanley Cup winning team to be in the top four.  He might have been the most frustrating player to watch during his two seasons with the Blackhawks.  I couldn’t believe how many people thought this guy was good, he is a flat out bum!  He can’t skate, can’t stick handle, always breaks his stick or loses his helmet, tries to be a tough guy when he has no business doing so and always seems to take extremely stupid penalties at the worst possible moments.  But other than that, I guess he was pretty good.

Let’s face it, the only reason Kopecky was brought in was to insure that Marian Hossa had someone to pick up his dry cleaning on game days.  Kopecky had 63 points (25 G, 38 A) in two seasons with the Blackhawks.  He scored a career high 15 goals in 2010-11.  It seemed every game he scored a big goal in, it would be followed by a bad penalty which lead to goal for the opposition.  He finished the Cup winning season even but was a -13 in 10-11.  The drop in plus/minus can be attributed to his increased playing time.  His average time on ice jumped from 9:29 in 09-10 to 15:19 in 10-11, the most ATOI  of his career.  Kopecky would piss me off because he was a dumb hockey player.  He would try to be physical or pull off a big hit at the wrong times and it cost his team more times than not.  Watching him some games you would swear that he just learned to skate that day.  He might be a nice guy but he is a hack of a hockey player!  I will leave you with a prime example of Kopecky’s pure stupidity as the biggest hit he had in last year’s playoffs was taking out his own team mate John Madden.

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