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Dirty Dozen: #2

By Greg Boysen

My second most hated Chicago Blackhawk of all time will probably be the most unpopular choice, but I have said on record many times that I hate Dustin Byfuglien! “Big Buff” became a cult legend and a hero to mouth breathers and meatballs all across the city.  But lets be honest for a second, Byfuglien sucks!  My hatred for him as grown even after he was shipped out of town two years ago, mainly due to all the idiots that still pine for this hack to return.  We didn’t trade away Bobby Hull in his prime, its Dustin f’n Byfuglien!

I know, Byfuglien was a huge contributor for 10 games in the 2010 playoffs.  He had a fantastic series against both the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks and I am very grateful for that.  But Byfuglien is all smoke and mirrors.  He took advantage of two teams with small defenseman.  He was invisible in the opening round versus Shea Weber and the Nashville Predators and was not nearly as effective in the Stanley Cup Final while facing Chris Pronger and the Flyers.  And this is why I couldn’t stand Byfuglien.  Yes, he did have some moments of greatness during his time in Chicago, but the were just moments and that was the problem.  For every game where he looked like an unstoppable beast and I had watch 8 games where he dragged his big, lazy ass up and down the ice without a care in the world.  Buff could have been a monster all of the time and dominated the game but the majority of time it looked like he had no desire to do so.  I have a major problem with players who don’t give their all on the ice when I am paying my hard money to watch them.

Stan Bowman was very smart to move Byfuglien when he did, he trade value was never higher and he was about to enter the last year of his contract.  Bowman sent Byfuglien to the defunct Atlanta Thrashers along with fellow meathead Ben Eager and Brent Sopel.  Part of the return on this deal was prospect Jeremy Morrin and a draft pick that turned into Kevin Hayes so the jury is still out on this trade.  Byfuglien now makes over $5 million dollars a year.  He makes slightly less than both Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith who are far superior defensemen.  I am glad he is frustrating fans in Winnipeg nowadays instead of making me mad at the United Center.

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