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Blackhawks Finish Behind Blue Jackets?

By Keith Schultz

There are a lot of uniforms in major professional  sports, and ESPN decided to rank all of them in their Uni Watch Power Rankings. I was quite shocked to see that the Chicago Bears jersey ranked 2nd in all of sports behind the Montreal Canadians, but I couldn’t believe my eyes that in the their NHL rankings they  had the Chicago Blackhawks jersey ranked #11 in the NHL!!

I know I’m biased but I really believe that the Hawks have the best jersey in all sports and definitely in all of hockey.  The Detroit Red Wings are ranked above the Hawks in this ranking and their Red and White jersey’s are quite boring.  The really baffling part of the ranking is that two teams with no real team history in the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets ranked higher than the Hawks.

You know that Barry Melrose must have missed this ranking because anytime he discusses the Hawks he always makes mention of the best sweater in the NHL! One thing I do agree with the article is that it wishes that home teams went back to wearing white jersey’s on home ice.

What do you think? What’s your favorite sweater in the NHL or 2nd favorite behind the Hawks??

Let’s Go Hawks!