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The Dirty Dozen: #1

By Greg Boysen

The dirty dozen list has come to it’s pinnacle and today a reveal my most hated Chicago Blackhawk of all time.  Here is a recap of the first eleven to make the my list of least liked Hawks :

#12 Patrick Poulin

#11 Tyler Aranson

#10 Jack Skille

#9 Dan Carcillo

#8 Anders Eriksson

#7 Boris Mironov

#6 Matt Walker

#5 Alexander Karpotstev

#4 Thomas Kopecky

#3 Cristobal Huet

#2 Dustin Byfuglien

And with our further ado, my most hated Blackhawk of all time is none other that “Captain Healthy Scratch” himself, Adrian Aucoin.  The mere mention of this hack’s name makes me want to punch kittens. Aucoin was signed as a free agent in the summer of 2005.  At the time, Aucoin was one of the better offensive defensemen in the league. Back in 1998-99 he scored 18 power play goals for the Vancouver Canucks.  He was an All Star for the New York Islanders in 2004, a year in which he had 13 goals, 31 assists and finished the season a plus 29.  This player never showed up in the Chicago.

Aucoin was another player that could never stay on the ice.  In his two miserable seasons with the Blackhawks he missed 72 games, including a few healthy scratches.  He only managed 5 goals and 17 assists in his two seasons.  His plus/minus was an absolute joke.  In 2005-06 he was a -13 in just 33 games.  In 2006-07 he was a -22 in 59 games.  In his 92 games in Chicago he was on the ice for 125 goals against the Hawks.  The fact this guy was named captain still disgusts me! He was an complete disgrace to the C.  When you think of the history of the Hawks’ captaincy you bring up names like Keith Magnuson, Stan Mikita, Denis Savard and Chris Chelios.  Adrian Aucoin as no business being in the same conversation as those all time greats.

Aucoin was shipped to the Calgary Flames in June of 2007 for two nobodies in  Andrei Zyuzin and Steve Marr.  I didn’t care what the Blackhawks got in return, I was ecstatic that this bum was gone.  And of course Aucoin put up good numbers in Calgary.  In two season he only missed 7 games, had 20 goals, 49 assists and was a plus 5.  I think I speak for all Blackhawks fans who suffered through the late 90’s and and most of the 2000’s when I say that Adrian Aucoin can go fornicate himself with a large wooden stick!

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