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EA Sports Makes NHL Even Better

By Greg Boysen

I finally had enough free time the other day to download the demo of NHL 13 from EA Sports.  I have been playing this franchise since grade school on my Sega Genesis. Every year EA Sports says there are tons of changes to the game engine but they are usually very subtle.  This never stops me from running out and buying the new version every year on the day of its release.  After playing the demo, the changes they have made to the game has made the best sports game even better! This makes me very excited, mainly because it might be the only way the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks  show up on my TV this year.

The biggest change is the speed and skill of the players.  Speed kills in the NHL and it will on NHL 13 as well.  The faster guys on your team will make a big difference.  With this being said, I fully expect to have Viktor Stalberg win both the Hart and the Conn Smythe for me this year.  You also won’t be able to out skate or stick handle opponents with players like John Scott anymore.  The difference between the superstars and the 4th line players are very dramatic, so you will have to watch the matchups.  Also the goalies are much more realistic.  They will make the occasional fantastic save, but will allow the weak one in every once in awhile.  This will have to be something to watch out for when taking Corey Crawford into an overtime game.

I can not wait to buy the full version and check out all the changes to the game play.  The game feels more realistic than ever and should provide a fun challenge.  Hopefully this is not the only way to enjoy the greatest sport on the planet this fall.

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