Blackhawks News

Potential TV Schedule Announced

By Keith Schultz

Granted this season has a very good chance at not starting on time or being played with the rhetoric being thrown around by both the owners and Donald Fehr, but the NHL keeps trucking along with announcements as though the season will start on time in October.

The Blackhawks along with the NHL announced their games that will be broadcasted nationally.  The Blackhawks received 11 games on national TV which probably isn’t a big deal for people living in the Chicago area, but those living elsewhere it’s great that the Hawks received the maximum number of games allotted on national TV!

The first game on national TV is against the Detroit Red Wings on January 3rd. The NBA’s unofficial start is Christmas Day, and I guess the new unofficial start to the NHL is the Winter Classic on New Years Day so if I were a betting man that will be the day the owners and Donald Fehr will allow the season to start.

The entire TV schedule is here if you would like to view it.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy it and be safe