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It’s Labor Day… Now Get to Work!!!

By Keith Schultz

Last week came the announcement that with only two weeks left in the current CBA, NHL commissioner and NHLPA rep Donald Fehr had broken off negotiations for a new CBA.  Granted, most negotiations for anything in 2000’s and beyond really don’t get heated up and best offers negotiated until the final horn is about to sound.  So, maybe this mini break is just leading up to the final sprint to the September 15th deadline, or it really shows the giant difference both side have for each other in this negotiation.

All I know is that it is LABOR Day today and in honor this last unofficial day of Summer, both sides need to get back to work to hammer out a deal.  The players want a 56-44 split of revenues while the owners want a 50-50 split of revenues.  I may not have a PHD in Economics but 0 revenue, split in any percentage is still 0. Get to work on Labor day negotiating teams and don’t let hockey lose anytime.

Although you can’t tell it by Chicago Blackhawks single ticket sales, the NHL as a whole cannot afford a lockout/strike and lose the new fan base it has created the past 2-5 years!! Both sides are at fault and both sides need to bring it’s best offer to the table. Don’t let Donald Fehr ruin another sport!

Happy Labor Day!