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That’s More Like It!!

By Keith Schultz

After the disappointment at the center position in fantasy rankings, the right wing top forty was a better showing for the Chicago Blackhawks with two players in not only in the top 40, but two in the top 10.

At the top of the right wing rankings is Ducks winger Corey Perry. You know the position is not as strong as other positions when the #1 player in the position dropped 38 points from the previous season and still sits on top of the rankings.

The first Blackhawk in the rankings is Marian Hossa who arrives at #3 position which is probably the right spot after his season ending concussion.  Hossa is very consistent and hasn’t scored less than 20 goals in a season since 1999.  Hopefully, if the season somehow miraculously starts on time Hossa will be healthy and ready to start right away.

The second Blackhawk in the rankings is Patrick Kane.  Kane had his most frustrating and disappointing season in his young career.  I know you may say he scored 23 goals and still had 66 points, but he never was dominate except with his highlight shoot out goals.  After another summer run in with critics,  I want to believe this is the season that Kane make a huge leap to superstar instead of just a good player that averages 60-70 points a year.

The entire right wing top 40 rankings is here.

Do you think any other Blackhawk right winger can end up in the top 40?