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The Top 10—#10 Murray Bannerman

By Keith Schultz

Photo: Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

My top 10 list of my favorite Chicago Blackhawks begins with Murray Bannerman.  You may not have even heard of him or thinking how is this guy in your top 10 list.  Well this may take a little while to explain but you will understand why in the end.

For those of you that have watched the Blackhawks recently you get to watch all the games home and away with just a cable box, but in the 1980’s cable wasn’t for everyone and some parents took longer than others to subscribe.  When we finally did get cable only road games were broad casted on Sportsvision (the greatest channel ever except for WGN and ESPN)  So, how did you find out about all the home games? Newspaper or listening to AM radio.

My Dad and myself listened to many Blackhawks games on the radio and at that time Bannerman was the in net for the Blackhawks on many of those nights.  There was something about Pat Foley proclaiming BIG SAVE BY BANNERMAN that was simply Awesome.  Oh, an another reason he’s on of my top 10 is that his mask was AWESOME!  It was Jason’s mask on Blackhawks steroids!

Granted Bannerman didn’t even end up with a winning record during his tenure with the Hawks but that didn’t matter whenever we were playing street hockey or goofing around BIG SAVE BY BANNERMAN would be yelled! He was apart of a deep playoff run in 1984-1985 that was squashed by Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers. I just wish I had the cool mask for Halloween this year!!