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Top 10–#9 Pat Foley

By Keith Schultz

Long time Hawks announcer Pat Foley Spopat-foley-ophi-11063Sports Illustrated Vault

#9 on my list of all time favorite Blackhawks is Pat Foley. Yes, his career Blackhawks stats are not found on the ice but in the broadcast booth.  Foley will be entering his 29th season broadcasting Chicago Blackhawks hockey games if the season starts sometime this fall or winter.

Chicago has had the priviledge of having some great announcer in the past 50 years from Jack Brickhouse, Harry Caray, Hawk Harrelson, Ron Santo  and Pat Foley.  I mentioned in my Bannerman post that Foley’s call of a Bannerman save was part of the mystic of listening to Blackhawks radio. Thanks to Mr. Wirtz that was the only way to follow a home Blackhawks game during my youth unless I got to go to a game.

Foley always had the energy to bring the game to life while sitting there with just a radio.  I remember how strange if felt in  the Old Chicago Stadium when the Hawks were playing and you didn’t have Foley describing the action.  Besides his Big save proclamation,  He SCORES was also exciting especailly at home because the horn was soon to follow!  Foley was sent to the minors, but luckily brought back by the new regime to be part of the broadcast team when the Blackhawks won the Cup in 2010!