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Iceberg DEAD AHEAD!!

By Keith Schultz

Mandatory Credit-Rolf Hicker

Like the Titanic steaming toward its ill fated iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, the NHL and NHLPA is on a collision course of destruction that has a September 15 deadline.  The CBA expires in 3 days and there have been no negotiations for the past week.

Word is the players are meeting in New York today and tomorrow in a last ditch effort of solidarity and hope to get a deal done.  The leader of this group is Donald Fehr who has no problem with work stoppages and isn’t even collecting a salary right now. Wow what a guy!!

The problem hockey has unlike baseball and football and even basketball in their recent labor strife is that there is too much going on for the media to focus on to care about missing hockey games.  Football just kicked off and baseball playoffs are about to start in 3 weeks.  A strike now will just piss off the core hockey fan and it will run off its new and younger fan base.  Get back to negotiating and get a deal done or it’s back to being stuck in the middle of bull riding and World Series of Poker!

3 days is an eternity in negotiations so its time for Fehr and Bettman to put this to bed! No need for Tour de France and Premiere League soccer to replace hockey on TV this year!