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Baby Stepping

By Keith Schultz

Feb 8, 2012; Pebble Beach CA, USA; Movie actor Bill Murray reacts after making a putt to win the third hole during the celebrity challenge of the AT

Every time I hear the phrase baby steps I think of one of my favorite stupid humor movies of all time, What About Bob.  If you have never seen the movie rent it, if not the one scene has Bill Murray visiting Dr Leo Marvin, psychiatrist,  played by Richard Dreyfuss, and Murray (Bob) tells him he’s been reading his book and doing the work he’s BABY STEPPING!!! The entire movie is stupid funny but when the term babysteps is used it always make me think of Bob on Lake Winnipesaukee.

The good news after yesterday is that the negotiations on non economic issues went well and as people exited the meetings they all  said  that they took baby steps talking about player safety and performance enhancing drug use.  Of course they are never 100% in agreement which is expected in negotiations.  At least the discussions went well enough that they are still planning to meet today and tomorrow.

The real negotiations haven’t started yet because unlike BABY STEPPING the meat and potatoes of the discussion will come down to economic issues! When the rubber hits the road what percentage each side gets of a 3.3 billion dollar pie will be the deciding factor on when and where this negotiations of a new CBA finally conclude. It’s good that they have started on the path, but the path will get extremely bumpy when the real and only issue gets on the table. Here is a video clip after yesterday’s meetings.

Both sides need to have a renewed sense of urgency to get this deal done before regular season games become the next casualty in a game of high stakes chicken between the owners and the NHLPA.  There is a lot at stake and no matter the effect in their wallets a new CBA will bring, the fans will be he final deciding factor in their revenue so they better get a deal done sooner than later!

You have to crawl before you baby step, and you have to baby step before you run.  Hopefully this baby stepping stage has a very short life span to the running part!