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Top 10–#4 Ed Olczyk

By Keith Schultz

Mandatory Credit Bill Smith/NHLI Getty Images

The only member of my top 10 that is a lifetime achievement award.  Eddie Olczyk grew up near us in Palos Heights, went to Brother Rice and played for the Blackhawks.  He returned to the Hawks and is the best color guy in the NHL and on NBC!

There’s something about having a local kid make it big, my wife still talks about going to middle school with Marquette Smith and he really need never made it that big! Working at a local hockey rink Olczyk was a big deal so seeing him play in Chicago Stadium was a just as exciting as seeing Murray Bannerman’s mask!

Most new fans know Olczyk as the side kick to Pat Foley on local Chicago broadcasts, but he is excellent on the National broadcast of NBC games.  Hopefully we will get to hear his knowledge about hockey on all broadcasts as soon as the lockout ends.  Olczyk only played part of five seasons with the Blackhawks but has seemingly been around the organization his entire playing and broadcasting career.

Olczyk will be enshrined in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame and here is a link to the article I wrote about his accomplishment.  He wore the Hawks jersey well and has been a great voice of the organization since his retirement!

Local kid, good player, great broadcaster and #4 on my all time Chicago Blackhawks list!

Let’s Go Hawks!!