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This One Will Leave A Mark!!- NHL Regular Season Games Cancelled

By Keith Schultz

All Games Cancelled through October 24th- Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Congratulations Donald Fehr!!! You’ve now been able to force two major sports to miss regular season games!! The first blow is 82 games that were suppose to be played from October 11-October 24.   The worst part of this lockout is that to this point there has been no sense of urgency from either side to get to the negotiating table let alone trying to strike a deal on a new CBA!

It’s a 3.3 billion with a B dollar pie that they are trying to split up without getting their collective panties in a wad! Newsflash owners and players that pie starts shrinking today! The casual fan gets disgusted and turned off when real games are missed and some take years to come back if they ever do.  Just ask baseball Mr Fehr’s first victim, they were called ……..the National Pastime.  Now its just called way past my bedtime!   I don’t understand after losing an entire season and still be able to gain a lot of new fans in the process why you would want to roll the dice again for just a few percents of a 3.3 billion dollar pie.

The NHL put out a small two paragraph statement about the cancellation of games, it’s now the 2nd time in seven years that games in the NHL have been lost to a lockout.  There are people and businesses that depend on these games getting played to make money, and fans that want to see their favorite players on the ice. Either way it’s the little guy that gets to take it the shorts in the end! Nice job Fehr and Bettman!!