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The Real Effect Of Lockdown Week #3

By Keith Schultz

Welcome to week three of the very WEAK NHL lockdown. At least there has been some talking from both sides with one of those exciting secretive meetings in Toronto on Friday.  The owners have come out and said that they have already lost 100 million after cancelling the pre-season games, and they haven’t even placed a number on the first two weeks of the season which cost the Chicago Blackhawks 5 games and the entire league 82 games.

Money is the underlining principle that separates both sides and in the end no matter how you slice up a 3.3 billion dollar pie, the bottom line is that greed will end up killing this league for good in the end.  Both sides seem to be wearing blinders when they both will not budge on the percent that they want to get from the new CBA, yet if you lose over 1 billion dollars annually in revenue because of a lockout was the one or two or three percents really worth fighting for if you win on one battle front but lose the war in the end.

Both sides are starting to lose the war of the fans.  Yes, I know there are a lot of little people effected by the lockout from car attendants to concessions to ushers, but even all those positions would not make a cent during the season if it isn’t for the fans.  Let’s be real honest it’s the new fans that really have brought excitement to the games, even if this bothers the old school hockey fans.

I have been in every stadium that the Tampa Lightening call home and have seen them play the Blackhawks in all three.  The past two times I’ve brought my entire family to watch the games and you know what? They loved it from start to finish! No where is the bathroom? no when are we leaving? they thought it was great! Pro Basketball bored them, baseball is too long, and well until today football was just to expensive (still only taking one kid not the whole family).  Hockey is the best sport hands down to watch your favorite team or player live and in person. That being said if there is no hockey my kids will lose interest as fast as they lost interest in Madden 12 football with the release of Madden 13.

3.3 billion seems like a huge chunk to not being able to divide up evenly and play nicely in the sandbox! Start talking and dealing! We still want a season and if only a few games are missed no one will care to much, but if another season is lost while players are making peanuts in Russian and Europe the fans will revolt and the ever growing pie will become just a tart!