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Sad Day In Blackhawks History

By Keith Schultz

April 21, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) in game five of the 2012 Western Conference quarterfinals at Arena. The Blackhawks beat the Coyotes 2-1 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

October 13, 2012 was suppose to be opening night for the Chicago Blackhawks versus the Columbus Blue Jackets.  We should be reading a game preview on how Viktor Stalberg owns Columbus and would be the NHL points leader after one game.  The United Center should be full of fans excited about wiping away the frustration of the Phoenix Coyote series last spring.

Chelsea Dagger should be playing at least 5 times tonight after every Blackhawks goal, and we would be complaining about one or two terrible goals that Corey Crawford let in even though the Hawks won the game. All of this should be happening tonight, but instead we have a stalemate in negotiations and so most people will be watching college football or setting their fantasy football lineups.

I know it’s only opening night we are missing, but if the NHL and NHLPA can complain about losing 250 million dollars and have no sense of urgency in negotiations is losing the real season that far behind?

If you want to see some real Blackhawks skate head out to Rosemont to see the young Blackhawks play, if not enjoy your football weekend while the United Center sits silent tonight! A very sad day indeed!!