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By Keith Schultz

Congrats to Eddie Olczyk on being enshrined last night in the United States Hockey Hall of Fame!!

I wrote an article about Olczyk getting elected during the summer which included all his accomplishments.  Lots of people that have covered, played, and worked with Olczyk have lots of great things to say about Eddie and here are a few links.

The article about last night’s festivities.

Bob Verdi has a great article about Olczyk and his big night.

Chicago Tribune Chris Kruc article on Eddie.

It’s great that in the middle of a senseless NHL lockout that there was a distraction from the madness and dissappointment.  Eddie Olczyk is a Chicagoan, a former great NHL player, the best color guy in the business, and now a Hall of Famer!

Congrats once again to Eddie Olczyk!!