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Blackhawks Customer Service Line

By Keith Schultz

Jan 12, 2011; Chicago, IL, USA; A snow plow clears the sidewalk as fans walk outside the United Center during a snow storm before the game between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Giglio-US PRESSWIRE

The Blackhawks are committed to helping out their fans during the lockout by answering all your questions about tickets that have been purchased for this season. The link with their customer service number is here.

There is one thing that the NHL can do for the fans holding tickets and that is  to start negotiating like big boys and sit down at a table for more than 2 hours and start nailing down an agreement.  Of course both sides have stated that they have given the other side their best offer.  We all have seen a used car salesman and they don’t ever give you their best offer out of the box, and it isn’t until you are about to get into your car that the best offer your going to get is offered. Maybe Bettman thought that if he walked out that Fehr would give him their best offer.  As my kids would say EPIC FAIL Gary!

Now we have no talks scheduled and another quiet weekend in Toronto, New York or wherever they meet to discuss not much apparently!  This lockout is getting tiresome to write about and read about I want real NHL hockey back and back fast!  It’s 3.3 billion dollars! Get this divided up and let’s play some hockey! End the lockout so the fans can use their tickets instead of finding out what their options are.


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