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Hello Hawks Fans!

By JoHannah Lowder

My name is JoHannah, and I am a new member of the FanSided family! I was born in Central Illinois, lived in Texas for a bit, now I’m back in Illinois. My relationship with hockey is still in its adolescent stages, having been a fan for about four years. I had never watched a hockey game until I went to college and then could not get enough of it. After following my college team for a few years, I added the NHL to my hockey entertainment, watching as many games and following as many teams as I could. By all accounts, the 2011-2012 season was not the most impressive of the Chicago Blackhawks in recent years, but the team still drew me in with their dynamic players, heartfelt traditions and appreciation for their fans.

While following the Blackhawks for my first year, I counted on player interviews, commentators and writers to explain the nuances that made the team and the game so much more exciting to watch. I hope to provide that for fans who are somewhat new to the NHL, like me. I also look forward to having discussions about hockey and the Blackhawks with longtime fans. The more I learn about the game, the more I love it (the business side, not so much).

Whether hockey is in season or not, or should be but isn’t, there’s still something to talk about. Feel free to leave comments sharing your Blackhawks story, and together we can make it through this lockout.

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