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RIP 82 Game NHL Season

By Keith Schultz

Here Lies the 82 game NHL season for 2012-2013.

The NHL cancelled the November portion of the NHL schedule today which makes the grand total of games cancelled to 326 from opening night until the end of the month of November.  Yesterday was the league mandated deadline for being able to complete an 82 game schedule.

Today is the 41st day of the lockout and we don’t seem to have moved any closer to a new CBA as we were during the middle of the summer.

The season sure seems to be in a lot of danger with the next thing to reach the hands of the grim reaper,the Winter Classic. If the Winter Classic doesn’t get played this season don’t expect any NHL games to be played either.  The Winter Classic is the most important game of the regular season by far.

I’m really fed up with all of this especially when they are not even at the table negotiating! Nobody is working at it and everyone is posturing like they want to sit out a season to prove what?

I’m sure NBC is not happy with their first game of the season getting cancelled so it seems that what could save the season is TV pressure.  Something has to put pressure on one side or both to get to a table any table and hammer this thing out!

RIP November we will not have much to be thankful for at least hockey wise!

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