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What I Missed On My Trip To Philly

By Keith Schultz

April 18, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Flyers fan picks up his

Recently my brother moved to Philadelphia so I went to visit him with my Dad for the weekend and of course he had lots of things planned for us like running the Art Museum stairs like Rocky did (don’t think he planned on the people wanting to take our pictures for tips). We had to go downtown to Jim’s for an authentic cheese steak, see the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall.  We went to Lincoln Financial Stadium to watch the Eagles get destroyed by the Falcons and get booed off the field with cheers of fire Andy Reid!

The sad part of the trip besides the fact that Sandy was going to flood the entire region on Monday was walking next to Wells Fargo Center, and the fact the NHL still hasn’t figured out how to get a new CBA deal done.  Yes, I got to squeeze in a few verbal jabs to my college buddy I hadn’t seen in 15 plus years about there is the building that Patrick Kane scored to clinch the Stanley Cup against his Flyers while we walked on our way to Lincoln Finanacial Stadium.  So, yes he replied about where is the latest Cubs pennant which I had no rebuttal, but to go back to Patrick Kane’s goal which I believe he thinks still isn’t a goal.

Anyways, it’s been 40 plus days and we are still no closer to a new CBA than we were in July. Welcome to the Donald Fehr effect which he takes all that is good (sports) and replaces it with absolutely nothing but empty seats.  The NHL owners and Gary Bettman have no idea what they are up against and so their pipe dreams of a 50/50 split are as likely as an 82 game season being played.

So, there on Broad Street sits an empty Wells Fargo Center which really made the lockout a reality on Sunday.  Empty buildings and empty fans will soon lead to empty pocket books for players and owners P&L’s and then and only then when both are in the red will the NHL return and a new CBA signed.  It will be a long season across North America looking at big empty stadiums like I saw while looking at the Wells Fargo Center.

A very sad day indeed and the only thing I couldn’t check off on my Philly to do list!  Thanks A Lot Donald and Gary!!


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