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Let’s talk Hawks!

By Margaret Avila

Hi I am Maggie and I’m a new member of the FanSided team.  I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and have lived here almost my entire life so my roots to all things Chicago is deep. I have been a hockey fan for decades. It is my passion and the Chicago Blackhawks are of course my favorite team. I have been in love with this team my entire life and since 2009 my love has become an obsession with no cure in sight for me.

I started watching hockey when I was about 10 years old. I used to stay up late and watch the Blackhawks whenever they were playing West Coast teams like the LA Kings and those dreaded Canucks. I’ve seen many changes to the NHL and hockey but through it all I still believe it is the greatest team sport on the planet with extraordinary athletes. Even though I’m in love with this team I do try to stay objective and give balanced perspectives about the team which I hope will come through.

I hope to provide insights, observations and details on the subtle nuances of the team and spark discussion on the players and coaches too. What makes any hockey discussion lively is interaction so please leave comments and opinions so  we can interact over the team we love. The heck with this lockout being a fan of the Blackhawks we have stories or j we can just plain old talk about the best game in the world.

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