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Tonight Was Suppose To Be

By Keith Schultz

April 23, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Jimmy Hayes (39) hits Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Michal Rozsival (32) during the third period in game six of the 2012 Western Conference quarterfinals at the United Center. The Coyotes beat the Blackhawks 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Tonights cancelled games would have been one of those games that are circled on the calendar especailly for the month of October.  No, it wasn’t Detroit or Vancouver on the schedule tonight.  It was the Phoenix Coyotes.

The last time we saw the Coyotes they were shaking the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks after ousting the Hawks from the playoffs by way of soft overtime goal after soft overtime goal.  The entire season changed when Raffi Torres ran Marian Hossa right into the off season while Corey Crawford played great regulation hockey and horrible overtime hockey.  Torres would still be suspended when this game was suppose to be play, but you never know what would have happened if Brandon Bollig was on the ice.

This could have been the case that it would be on the fans calendar more than the players calendar, but I find that hard to believe because of the way that Hossa’s season ended.  Not that Hossa would be trying to level somone into an injury, but that the Hawks would be wanting to send a message that last year was a one time trick instead of the norm of the Coyotes going deep into the playoffs.

Oh, by the way none of this maters because of the lockout.  No rivalries matter no games circled on the calendar matter! Everyone can make any type of list but in the end it doesn’t matter because Donald Fehr shuts down major sports like people dunk donuts for breakfast…without a thought.  It’s a shame the Hawks couldn’t get some revenge for last night’s playoff loss tonight but instead we get replays of old games on NHL network and AHL hockey.  Good Job Don and Gary!!


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