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Patrick Kane in EHC

By Margaret Avila

Patrick Kane has not even been in Europe a week and already his offensive skills are shining.  While this maybe something most people in North America and Chicago are used to, Kane now has a brand new league, country and audience to dazzle and he is seizing the chance.

picture taken by Jonean Ford

There is no question Kane is a world class hockey player and entertainer. His love of the game is apparent no matter what continent he plays on. Switzerland is perfect for Kane as their ice rinks are larger. What this means is Kane has more space and room to move which is usually lethal for the opposition.

His stick handling skills are extraordinary in the NHL so you can image how these skills will translate to the Swiss league. Couple Kane’s soft hands with playing along another young world class hockey player like Tyler Seguin and who knows how many back of the nets these two can dent.

Switzerland is getting a rare glimpse of what NHL hockey talent is and from the looks of it they are thrilled to have both Kane and Sequin fill the Eisstadion Biel arena which seats 7000 – 8,200. The players are getting a chance to keep up their skating and hockey skills.

Kane joined the Biel Bienne team of the Swiss League and played his first game this past Tuesday. He joins Boston Bruins young star Tyler Seguin. In his debut Kane scored a goal and had an assist.  His second game on Friday saw Kane playing a familiar role of quarterback or set up man as he had three assists.

On Kane’ goal his speed was on display as he outpaced the opposition and got to the opposing net almost uncontested.  Kane now has 15’ more ice width to work with so these type of goals could be as regular a sight in Switzerland as the Alps.

Currently Kane’s team – Biel Bienne is positioned in sixth place in a twelve team league. They have a ways to go to get their team to challenging the EHC league leading team Geneve Servette HC. The next game Kane and Seguin will play is today vs HC Davos.

Kane told Chicago media that the reason he choose Switzerland was because he had played there before with the Blackhawks during exhibition games. The season he played in Switzerland before, saw him have the best year ever in the NHL and of his career as the Blackhawks went on to win the Stanley Cup. Let’s hope history repeats itself and Kane’s European excursion is just a tune up for another championship run in Chicago.

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