Twilight-Breaking Down!

By Keith Schultz

Feb 20, 2011; Calgary, AB, Canada; NHL commissioner Gary Bettman before the Montreal Canadiens game against the Calgary Flames at McMahon Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

For you female fans that read our posts I hope it was worth the wait to see the final Twilight saga last night! Yes, the wife was one of the many out last night to see Breaking Dawn. It made me think of the CBA talks and if you are on Team Bettman or Team Fehr.

According to my wife, they spend the rest of their life happily ever after (even though the book of course was better) but at this point of our CBA novel it seems to be a far stretch that this suspense will end in the same way.  Team Fehr is very dark just like the leading man in Twilight.  It really is hard to believe that one person has been responsible for totally shutting down two major sporting leagues.  One of the leagues was America’s national past time and it has never been able to reclaim that title again from the NFL.  The other league is the national past time of Canada.  That is a lot of heart broken fans in the entire North America continent from one person.

Team Bettman is full of a lot of old man and old money.  They are out to make as much as possible without giving away the farm.  Their problem is that they shut down their own league to change the rules then left entirely too many gray areas for GM to wiggle around that they need to shut it down again to change the rules to make it more owner friendly.  They should have never let their own GM’s sign guys to 12 year contracts. It’s also very bad taste to sign guys to $200 million worth of contracts right before a lockout and then complain about not making enough money.

The only real numbers that ever comes out is the need to change the percentages from either side which as I believe we can all tell that if you are not open for business that 0 percent of anything is 0.  It could be a long cold winter with empty stadiums that are only open for concerts and ice capades.  The problem is that Team Fehr and Team Bettman haven’t found enough ground while staying at the table long enough to finish off a deal.

Both sides are out for blood, Twilight style!  Hopefully these teams came become one team and the game will come back even if it isn’t forever!


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