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Subway Super Series concludes as Blackhawk prospects continue to impress

By Margaret Avila

Now that the Subway Super Series has concluded with final contests between team Russia and the OHL and WHL it is apparent that Blackhawk’s prospect on team Russia Maxim Shalunov had a great series. He was among the scoring leaders for both sides. Shalunov played in all six contests and amasses four points with two goals and two assists. 1 The Chicago Blackhawk scouts and staff have to be thrilled as Shalunov was the star forward for Russia.  He had as many points as #1 2012 Edmonton Oiler draft pick Nail Yakupov.

Shalunov impressed not only with a wicked shot but in game 4 versus the OHL held in Sarnia he had a blind assist that would make Patrick Kane envious. Shalunov obviously has great on ice vision. Shalunov is a offensive threat to be sure and the Blackhawks probably can’t wait for this kid to join the big club.

The last two games saw the WHL take on team Russia where Chicago Blackhawks’ other prospect Mark McNeill impressed as well.  There is no question McNeill is built like a MAC truck and is physically ready to play in the NHL.

Photo taken by Maggie Avila

He plays a physical game and opponents know every time he is on the ice. He can deliver some very hard checks and is not afraid to go in the dirty areas either. He was used on both special teams PK & PP and has a great net front presence. Something the Blackhawks could use.

He did not dent the stat sheet officially but did score a shoot out goal in game 5 in Vancouver. McNeill is not a flashy forward but he is solid in his skates and brings a physical toughness that the Hawks could use in the forward position.

All in all the Chicago Blackhawks have to be very happy with their young prospects and their development and futures. Fans should be excited for the future because it is very bright indeed.

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