RIP All-Star Game

By Keith Schultz

Jan 29, 2012; Ottawa, ON, CANADA; Team Alfredsson forward Daniel Alfredsson (11) of the Ottawa Senators stands with his teammates after the 2012 All Star game at Scotiabank Place. Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE

The NHL cancelled all games through December 14, and they have cancelled the 2013 All-Star game scheduled to be played in Columbus.  There was 422 games scheduled between opening night and December 14.  I’m not an accountant but that is a lot of missing paychecks.

Since the lockout started these things have passed away

1. All Pre-season games

2. All Games through December 14.

3. The Winter Classic

4. The NHL All-Star Game

They can’t cancel much more before its the end of another season in less than a decade without a game being played. It’s almost as depressing as standing in a line all day just so they can take money out of your checking account!


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